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Simplify your life for Mama Planet

What is Ho'olawa

An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Rooted in Hawai'i

Maui Needs Your Aloha!

The August 8th fires destroyed our beloved community and now Maui needs your help to save our economy from further destruction. Please consider supporting our Maui family.

Simplify your life for Mama Planet

Maui Skincare

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Maui Swim Brands

Support Maui Made

Island designed Keiki Swim & Beach Gear

Aloha Co. Maui

Support Maui Brands

Imua Lāhainā our sweet home

Lāhainā Strong.

Lāhainā, sweet Lāhainā, our beloved home was burnt to the ground but the real home has been found in the people. If you feel inclined to donate directly to survivors of the Lāhainā fires click on the link below.

Do you want to eliminate plastic from your beauty routine?

Its time to go old school and switch to bars - artisanal soap, face soap, shampoo, and conditioner now in A BAR. Better for your skin, hair, and the environment. Made in Hawai'i and completely zero waste from production to consumption.

Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials

Because in Hawaiʻi the beach is essential. Itʻs therefore essential that we keep our oceans, beaches, and marine life pristine for future generations. Check out our beach gear that puts Mama Planet first!

Beach Accessories

Pareos, Hats, Organic Turkish Towels (with Hawaiian prints of course!), Beach Bags, Recycled Sunglasses, and More. Honestly If you can fit it in your beach bag than we probably sell it!


At Ho'olawa we sell bikini brands that put Mama Planet first with recycled materials, plastic-free shipping, small batch production, and the utilization of eco dyes & printing-what more could you be looking for!

Reef-Safe Sunscreen

A lot of brands are claiming to sell "reef-safe" sunscreen. Unfortunately, most of these brands are falsely advertising their products as reef-safe. Check out our curated collection of Hawai'i, Reef-Safe, and PLASTIC-FREE Sunscreens....if its not Plastic-Free then its not safe for our oceans!

Are you ready to improve our planet and your skin?

Lucky for you we have made it incredibly easy to become more eco-conscious by offering products that are not only eco-friendly but superior to their plastic, mass produced, counterparts by harnessing the power of Hawaiian plants.

From the people


5095 Napilihau Street Suite 104

Lahaina, HI 96761

Brick and Mortar location temporarily closed due to Lāhainā fire.