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Simplify your life for Mama Planet

What is Ho'olawa

An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Rooted in Hawai'i

Restocked - The Most Sustainable Slippers in the World!

For 15 years Indosole has been taking on our planetʻs waste problem- recycling tires into durable slippers. With their innovative technology they are cleaning our landfills one slipper at a time! -- Check out the new styles!

Woold Dryer Balls are Back!

Ditch your toxic dryer sheets and upgrade your laundry game to include these darling Hawaiʻi Designs!

Do you want to eliminate plastic from your beauty routine?

Its time to go old school and switch to bars - artisanal soap, face soap, shampoo, and conditioner now in A BAR. Better for your skin, hair, and the environment. Made in Hawai'i and completely zero waste from production to consumption.

Mama Planet will thank you!


5095 Napilihau Street Suite 104

Lahaina, HI 96761

Monday - Saturday 9am-7:30pm

Sunday 10am-3pm

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