Double Edge Safety Razor

Billions of disposable plastic razors are thrown away each year.  This stylish & eco-friendly safety razors are designed to be reused over and over again - simply replace the blade & enjoy a beautiful, close shave every time but without the waste.

Includes one safety razor, natural cotton travel pouch & 10 double edge razor blades.

Skip the plastic waste Save money & buy refill blades only Blades are fully recyclable

Directions: Unscrew handle from the two-part head. Insert new blade into the razor head & screw to reattach the handle securely. Moisten the shaving area using shaving oil or a solid shave bar. Holding the handle at a shallow angle to your skin, shave with light pressure in the direction of hair growth. Moisturize & Enjoy the smoothness!

Material: Copper Alloy & Zinc Razor

We also sell the Safety Razor Refill Pack!!

$40.00 USD