Laka Goddess Face Oil

In Hawaiian mythology, Laka is the goddess of Hula and of the forests.

This unique face oil blend combines the sacred Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential oil from the Big Island with Breu Branco Essential oil from the Amazon Rainforest, both naturally harvested from their native regions.

Soothing to the skin, this blend delivers a healthy glow with powerful hydration, enhancing skin firmness. This blend is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, nourishing the layers of your skin's lipids and fatty acids while promoting a marvelous scent bringing a calm and uplifting state for your mind and spirit.


Breu Branco Essential oil, Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential oil, Lokelani Rose Essential oil, Gardenia Essential oil, Neroli Essential oil, Bergamot Essential oil, Lilikoi (Passion fruit) oil, Baobab oil and Fractionated Coconut oil.