Bilberry + Tasuma Antioxidant Eye Cream


A targeted, antioxidant-packed eye treatment that your future self will thank you for using

Skin Concerns:  Improves Hydration , Improves Dryness , Repairs Skin ,Brightens Skin ,Fine Lines

IDEAL FOR THESE SKIN TYPES: Puffiness, fine lines

SCENT: Fruity

How long will these last me:

FULL SIZE: 16 weeks; 1/4 pea size, twice a day

MINI: 6 weeks; 1/4 pea size, twice a day

Key Ingredients:


Key Ingredients • 91% Organic

Delivers vital antioxidant activity.


Tucuma is packed with antioxidant polyphenols which means it's great for battling free radicals. It also has lots of fatty acids, so it can protect and moisturize your skin while keeping it supple. Tucuma butter is rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acids and is considered to have excellent cell regeneration properties.


Extremely rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, this powerful oil neutralizes free radicals while plumping the skin and adding firmness.

Pro Tips:

For a an overnight beauty treatment, try layering on top of our Cucumber Tea Eye Serum to brighten, smooth and firm the skin around the eyes.

Full ingredient list:

$42.00 USD