What is Ho'olawa?

In literal terms; to supply. But in reality it’s much larger than that...

Ho’olawa is the idea that your community & natural environment can fulfill all of your needs. It is the practice of consuming sustainably and supporting your local economy in the process.  It is the symbiotic relationship that develops to maintain a balance in an ecosystem, whatever ecosystem that may be. 

Ho’olawa is the water that falls from the sky, that supplies the streams which feed the land which eventually feeds us!

This beautiful way of life was the inspiration for my retail shop; respecting nature and nurturing our local communities in our pursuit for eco-conscious necessities. 


My name is Megan and I am the founder behind Hoʻolawa.  The road that lead me here was by no means straight but the shop is definitely a reflection of my personal experiences along that way!

First and foremost I am the product of an entrepreneurial father & mother.   From way before I was born they were pushing the envelope of what was possible both in business and life.  My dads response to most ideas is "why not!?  As a child (and still as an adult) creating and breaking through what seems to be the ceiling of possibilities is encouraged. 

I started working in the retail industry as a brand selling eco-friendly woven goods made from sustainable agave grown in Ecuador. This of course lead me to explore the other side of the industry and I worked for a corporate clothing manufacturer & retailer.  The waste generated from that company was awful and completely normal in the industry. This planted a seed. 

Fast forward past years of traveling, moving a lot, and finally landing back in HI.  The pandemic hit and allowed for time, reflection and the beginning of my personal zero waste journey.  My need to share it with my Napili community came shortly after.  Luckily, a space was available at my local plaza and the rest is history. 

Eco- brands wonʻt save the world, the people who support them will!