High Society Tote


The High Society Tote is the ultimate travel companion.  Made with all the necessary pockets out of recycled neoprene it's durable, sleek, comfortable and it can fold right up in your suitcase!

 Made with recycled neoprene.

 2 large pockets on the inside front and back - one with a zipper, one without.

 1 side pocket on the inside with elastic top to fit a water bottle, vitamins, or toiletries.

Open cell phone pocket on the outside front measuring approximately 7.5 inches deep Two outer side pockets measuring 8.5 inches, which are slightly deeper than our last model High Society Tote, and perfect to keep your cold water bottle- the neoprene helps keep everything in your bag dry from the condensation of your cold water bottle.

• Made in Turkey


$98.00 USD