Konjac Sponge - Multi-Pack


This multipack comes complete with a variety of 4 konjac sponges packaged in a stylish and sustainable kraft paper tube. The Vegan Konjac Sponges are all natural, made from Japanese Konjac vegetable roots. 

Each 4-Pack Includes one of each facial cleansing sponge:

 Charcoal: great natural cleanser and purifier. Better for blemishes or oily skin.

Lavender: calming, cleanses, and detoxifies the skin. 

Red Clay: deep cleanses and soothes irritations leaving skin refreshed. 

Green Tea: cleanses, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin. 1

00% natural, no chemicals or additives Naturally moisturizes your skin Cleanses and exfoliates Relieves dry flaky skin Tones the complexion and revitalizes damaged skin cells Refines Pores, hydrates skin & balances pH Removes makeup 100% compostable.



$18.00 USD