Natural Shower Loofah - Set of 3

Natural Loofah Sponge (come in a pack of 3)

Once you try these loofahs there is no going back. The loofah exfoliates dead skin and alleviates clogged pores leaving your skin visibly smoother and brighter after just a few uses!

Do not be fooled they grow and become softer once they get wet! Naturally microbial and anti-bacterial. Made from fast growing sustainable loofah 100% backyard biodegradable. 

Use: After getting wet, gently glide across skin to naturally remove callus, dead skin cells, and cleanse pores. Allow to air dry after use. 

Pro tip: once the loofah has reached the end of its life (1-2 months) use as a scrubber to clean your shower before composting.