Routine Natural Deodorant

Description: Finally a natural deodorant that actually works!  Made Canada by two sisters who are passionate about helping YOU to love how you smell!

I went through a lot of brands of natural deodorant at the shop before finding Routine and it just stuck.  Its rare to find natural deodorant that isn't heavy in baking soda therefore gentle on your skin, offers a wide range of beautifully curated scents & vegan options, and comes in mindfully sourced packaging. 

Apply a dime sized amount to your underarms and any area of the external body that you would like to smell nice. 

**Lucy in the Sky - (Vegan) FLORAL, GROUNDING & MELLOW Lavender, Patchouli & Vanilla. This is their VEGAN CLASSIC formula, with no beeswax and reduced baking soda, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin.  SHOP FAVORITE!

Johnnys Cash - (Vegan) WOODSY, FRESH & CLASSIC Cedarwood, Pine, Bergamot & Patchouli. 

Like a Boss - FRESH, CLEAN & POWERFUL Bergamot, Geranium, Rosemary & Tangerine.  This is their MAXIMUM STRENGTH baking soda formula for non-sensitive skin and those extra busy days while eliminating odour and maintaining skin's healthy balance.

Moon Sisters -FLORAL, SOFT & ENCHANTING Rose, Neroli, Lavender & Vetiver. This is their CHARCOAL & PREBIOTIC formula, made with activated charcoal and less baking soda.

The Curator - BOTANIC, AROMATIC, AND SAVVY. Eucalyptus, Geranium, Black Spruce & Cocoa. This is their BAKING SODA FREE formula for smooth operators with extra sensitive skin and uses dietary magnesium to relax armpits. 

The Dirty Hipster -  EARTHY, DEEP & LAIDBACK Patchouli, Patchouley & Patchoulé. This is their CLASSIC formula with reduced baking soda. 

 240 g. 3-6 month supply. 

$24.00 USD