Vanilla Moon Soothing Bath Soak


Not your average scented salt, we infused this decadent soak with mineral-rich clay, moisturizing humectants and nourishing oils. It fills up your bathroom with heavenly aroma and truly feels... different. Pure ingredients soften your skin to leave it feeling hydrated and smooth. Relax into warm tranquility, and let the stress and tension of your day float away.

Ideal for these skin types:

All skin types


Natural vanilla with a hint of fresh coconut

How to use:

Add a half cup to warm running water, relax and enjoy.

Key ingredients:


Vanilla Bean Extract contains Vanillin, a polyphenol with powerful anti-oxidant properties.


Deeply nourishing fatty acids impart moisture (and major skin-softening) and lend your skin a deep, dewy glow.


Softens skin dryness through gentle exfoliation, leaving behind a fresh glow.

Full ingredient list:

$34.00 USD