Island Wisdom


More than just a beautiful paradise, Hawaiʻi has a rich culture, deep.y rooted in tradition.  Native Hawaiian and cultural advisor Kainoa Raines has spent many years teaching visitors to the islands about this time-honored wisdom, and now he has teamed up with journalist Anne Daly to share that knowledge with you. 

Island Wisdom is an inspirational and rewarding journey through traditional Hawaiian teachings that have stood the test of time, from how to be Pono (live a balanced life) to how to mālama ʻāina (preserve and protect the land).

Filled with the voices and guidance of Hawaiian elders, regional folklore, and ancient teachings-plus gorgeous local photography and illustrations throughout. 

Island Wisdom is a celebration of Hawaiian culture, language, appreciation, and respect for Hawaiʻi and the Hawaiian way of life. 

$19.95 USD