Kealia Organics Zero Waste Lotion Bar

Keālia Organics lotion bars...... all-natural, zero waste and made with local beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.

These all-natural ingredients are great for aiding skin in healing different ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, itchy skin, irritated skin, pregnant bellies, and much more. An awesome eco-alternative! 

Use in the shower and let the warm water melt the oils onto your skin, or use just like lotion and massage onto body when dry.

Tiare Gardenia -scented with a gardenia vanilla fragrance blend that will leave you smelling like a fresh tiaré blossom! 

Lokelani Rose - Smell like the flower of Maui...subtle, sweet, and floral. Made with only essential oils. 

Lavender - Perfect for some nighttime moisture to help you drift away! Made with only essential oils. 

Coconut Vanilla - If you love coconut then you will love this combination. Made with high quality fragrance oils. 

Pikake Jasmine - closest thing to jasmine without the flower, made with essential oils. 

Amber Argan - scented with a warm amber fragrance and hints of vanilla. Made with high quality fragrance oils. 

Honey Honeysuckle - harnessing the power of those bees with the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle. Subtle, floral, and sweet. Made with high quality fragrance oils. 

$10.00 USD