Underarm Detox Salt Scrub


Let’s be honest: sometimes natural deodorants just aren’t enough. We wanted to create a product that would deeply cleanse and detoxify the underarm to support the use of natural deodorant, and help it work like it should. This scrub uses salt and clay to pull out toxins, plus it has the powerful deodorizing and antimicrobial heft of lavender and clary sage.

Ideal for these skin types: All skin types


Herbal + woodsy: lavender, clary sage, rosewood, vanilla

How to use:

Massage into underarm area using small, circular motions. Rinse or wipe off and pat dry.

How long will this last me

FULL SIZE: 7 weeks; pea size per side, once a day

Key ingredients:

Key Ingredients • 92% Organic

Purifying, cleansing, and detoxifying.


A gentle cleanser for any skin type, extracting impurities and absorbing excess oils without causing inflammation or redness.

$28.00 USD